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Avoid late free Registration prices - Register for Winter 2 Leagues by November 20

All teams, all leagues

Youth    High School     Adult


Adult Lunch Bunch Open Play begins Oct 25 12:00 noon - 1:15  Mon, Wed and Friday - read more


   Advanced Training Academy


Session II begins Jan 7

Foot skills and 

Tactics classes












Lunch Bunch OPEN PLAY

Begins Oct 25

12:00 - 1:15 Mon, Wed and Fridays

Non-registered players $5


             Intro to Footskills and         Power Shooting:

Better your play! A great environment for players looking for additional training. <Read More>

Playing at Break Away

Why Break Away?
No additional Referee fees. All ages/skills welcome. Great Social and Family atmosphere.

Turf Play Always Better than hard court play. Here's why...

Concussion Awareness

Break Away believes that knowledge is important to reduce the potential of injury in soccer. We want to help parents, coaches and players to have a better understanding of the causes, signs and symptoms to look for with a head injury as well as steps to take towards a better and safer recovery. (Read more)

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