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Due to the high probability of severe weather (heavy rain and lightning) this evening, all games will be played indoors at Break Away Sports Center  – 5964 Executive Dr.

All games will be played at their original, posted game times.  Games will not be played at Reddan Park this evening


Summer Instructional information 

Summer Adult Leagues

  • Indoor:  Over 50, Women's,             Over 30 and Coed SOCIAL

  • Outdoor: Coed Small Sided,           Over 40 Small Sided & Men's Rec 7v7


Why play Turf Soccer over Hard Court?

Over 40 Open Play - Sunday mornings










Welcome Infinite Athlete

BreakAway welcomes Infinite Athlete Chiropractic and Rehab to our building and our growing list of sponsors:  

Playing at Break Away

Why Break Away?
No additional Referee fees. All ages/skills welcome. Great Social and Family atmosphere.

Break Away Sports Center providesmore realism...more play...and more development

Everything you need to know about why Break Away Sports Center is the place to play indoor soccer in Madison. Break Away is the best choice....Read More

Good Sportsmanship

How about this as a display of good sportsmanship?  Reject a Penalty?

Concussion Awareness

Break Away believes that knowledge is important to reducie the potential of injury in of soccer. We want to help parents, coaches and players to have a better understanding of the causes, signs and symptoms to look for with a head injury as well as steps to take towards a better and safer recovery. (Read more)

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