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Dear Valued Customers,

GOOD NEWS MAY BE ON THE HORIZON. Summer is coming! COVID-19 seems to be slowing and people will try to responsibly return to a “normal” life. This needed quarantine has taken a toll on our business. Fortunately, businesses, including Break Away, will once again try to provide services/goods to their customers, and rehire employees, providing them the income that many so desperately need. In addition, businesses will hopefully have the benefit of a long-needed revenue flow to give them a better chance to pull through and stay in business. This includes Break Away. We look forward to serving soccer enthusiasts once again.


SUMMER ADULT LEAGUES AND SOCIAL PROGRAMS: Break Away plans to start up with indoor and outdoor soccer during the summer within the guidelines indicated from federal, state, and local governments. We will also be offering our Sunday Morning Over 40 Open Play as well as NEW social adult activities. We have created a NEW SOCIAL (Distancing) activity call Partner-Up. It is made for pairs/groups that want to get back into kicking a soccer ball but are not quite sure about being in closer proximity to others so soon by competing in league play. See the following links for more information:

  1. Summer ADULT INDOOR leagues <Click Here>
  2. Summer ADULT OUTDOOR leagues <Click Here>
  3. NEW PARTNER-UP Social (Distancing) Activities          <Click Here>
  4. Over 40 Open Play <Click Here>


BACK TO PLAYING SPORTS: As the quarantine opens-up, normalcy for many Americans will be getting back into exercising through sports to reconnect with friends and teammates. When deciding whether to play sports again everyone must weigh the pros and cons. As part of this decision, they should not minimize all the positive physical, psychological, and social benefits that come from playing soccer. It is obvious that soccer can improve/maintain fitness by improving aerobic stamina, muscle tone, and heart and lung capacity. The list goes on and on. These are just some of the additional benefits that children and adults can achieve along with fitness or from the sport itself:

  1. Stress Release.
  2. Improved Brain Chemicals for Happiness and Sleep
  3. Deal with Adversity.
  4. Develops/Maintain Self-Esteem
  5. Teamwork / Building Stronger Relationships
  6. Better Communicators
  7. Teaches and Reinforces Respect

STEPS TO MAXIMIZE HEALTH: Another part of getting back into sports is the associated risk that comes with being near, and exposed, to others. We understand the seriousness of this decision. There has always been exposure to risks when playing sports, ranging from the flu virus, physical injury, and, recently, COVID-19. As a result of COVID-19, Break Away is taking many temporary and permanent steps for customers and employees to minimize the exposure to any infectants. Please visit the link below  to have a better understanding of steps that Break Away will take for better health and safety.

<COVID-19 Safer at Play: Public & Staff Modifications>


REGISTRATION FOR THE SUMMER: This information and registration form is now available on our website. To expedite your registration, we are currently accepting payment over the phone or by fax. If necessary, a staff member will come pick up your registration within the greater Madison area.


OPTIONS TO RESUME WINTER 3: Due to the interruption of the Winter 3 session, we have put together some options to make up the postponed games. When, exactly, we can return to playing games is a little sketchy with Badger Bounce Back, State Supreme Court ruling, as well as more local government restrictions. However, we would like to set up some options for each manager to choose from going forward. We will be calling each of the managers to decide on a re-scheduling option for Winter 3 on behalf of their team. Any decisions will be extended to the manager or any other contact person that they pass the baton to representing the postponed game value.


Thank you so very much for your business, but most of all, your patience and understanding during the challenges we all face. We look forward to re serving your soccer interest. If you have any questions, please contact us at 608.288-9600.



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COVID-19 Safer at Play: Public & Staff Modifications


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