Youth Training Academy (9-14 years)

Playing the Game, Teaching the Game — that's what Break Away is all about. Break Away offers the best Advanced Youth Training & Performance programs in the greater Madison area. Advanced training for hundreds of young players throughout the year, both field players and goalies. This is a challenging environment for serious boy or girl players looking for additional training to become a quicker, stronger and more confident player.

These courses are offered - year round, please scroll down to the session that best fits your schedule.  

All classes have Limited Space!

New Offering:  Summer: Advancing the Skills

Building on the skills and tactics from our Winter Training Academy, Advancing the Skills combines skill development with tactical ideas for players looking for a more competitive environment.  Designed for players ages 10-13.  Taught by Tom Kuehne.

This class will begin June 12 through July 24.  Mondays 5:00- 6:00pm at Break Away Sports Center.  Minimum number of 10 participants needed for this class.

Summer Class  June 12 - July 24 (no class July 3)  $95.  Register by June 5



 Winter Session I                   Nov 6 - Dec 11     5 week class - filled

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 Winter Session II                Jan 8 - Jan 30      4 week class - filled


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  Winter Session III               Feb 6 - Feb 27      $105 for 4 week class

Skills and Deception: (grades 4 - 6)    Players will improve and refine thei skills with intensive training program that maximizes touches on the ball.  Special emphasis is placed on technical shooting after beating a player. 

Mondays   4:30-5:30pm  


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 Winter Session IV               March 5 - March 28     $105 for 4 week class, except as noted

Foot Skills 2: Speed and Decisions (grades 4 - 6)  This training program builds on soccer skills designed to help players make quick decisions and execute foot skills at speed to help their team during competitions    

Sundays   3:30-4:30pm   


Foot Skills (grades 3 - 5)    Geared toward younger players new to our Advanced Training and Performance Academy.  Players will be introduced to different combination toucnes with the ball to improve footspeed, control and confidence. 

Mondays   4:30-5:30pm  


Power Shooting and Finishing (grades 4 - 6) Designed to help playes refine their shooting technique and learn the difference between "shooting" and "scoring."

Tuesdays   4:15-5:30pm   $130 for 4 week class    (Extended class - 75 minutes)


Goalie Training: (agrades 5 - 7)    These Goalie Trainings are designed to improve goalie technical skills.  Each week will cover a topic - ball handling, dives, crosses and breakaways.  Followed by games with live action.    Limited Space - 8 Goalies maximum!  Led by Matt Lombardino       

Tuesdays   4:15-5:30pm   $130 for 4 week class   (Extended class - 75 minutes)

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