STEP: YOUTH TRAINING (3rd-6th grades)

Playing the Game, Teaching the Game — that's what Break Away is all about. Break Away offers the best Skills Training for Excellence Program (STEP) in the greater Madison area. Advanced training for hundreds of young players throughout the year, both field players and goalies. This is a challenging environment for serious boy or girl players looking for additional training to become a quicker, stronger and more confident player.

These courses are offered - year round, please scroll down to the session that best fits your schedule.  

All classes have Limited Space!

Session Dates


 All classes are 6 weeks and fee is $120, unless noted.

STEP 1 - Getting, Keeping and Moving the Ball (Grades 3-5)

The first STEP begins with receiving a ball with a purpose; then learning to be comfortable with ball even under pressure; and finally adding foot-skills to beat opponent

Outcomes:  Possess under pressure, attack a player with confidence, positive first touch

STEP 2 - Attacking and Scoring (Grades 3-5)

The second STEP emphasize the technique of the power stroke (instep drive), how to beat a Goalie, with an emphasis on using both feet to shoot.

Outcomes:   Striking a ball with power; Shooting with accuracy: Develop an attitude to score. 

STEP 3 - Playing on both sides of the ball     (Grades 4-6)

The third STEP works on opening up space on the field with passes: support, square, diagonal and through; Defending body positioning and technique, dictating play and starting the counter-attack

Outcomes:   Accurate and well-paced passes to all parts of the field; Make runs to create space and make runs to receive the ball, Slowing/ stopping an attack (and starting the counter-attack); Become a ball winner

STEP 4 - Tactics Playing with Teammates       (Grades 4-6)

The components of the 4th STEP are increasing demand for playing quickly – 1 and 2 touch passes, creating attacks from different parts of the field and restarts.

Outcomes: recognize several 2v1 scenarios on field; Increased speed of play; and unexpected decision-making to unbalance the opponents

STEP 5 - Goalie Steps   (Grades 5-7)  ($130)

Ability Outcomes:  Increased ability to handle the ball cleanly; willingness to take balls out of the air and make diving saves; understand how to attack breakaways. Limited to 8 Goalies


Session Dates and Times


Winter III

Steps 1 & 2

(Combo class)

Mon 4:30
Step 4 Tues 4:30
Step 5 Tues 4:30

 Earn credit for the Tryout Course:  Earn $5 credit for participation in each class good towards the Spring Tryout Prep Course - more information

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