WINTER Information

  • Youth leagues are in accordance with the Jan 1 birth year guidelines, as described by MAYSA and US Youth Soccer or as grade levels in descriptions
  • Unless otherwise noted, all games are 2 x 25 minute halves.

 Under 6/7 mixed (Kindergarten & 1st grade)             - Break Away staff facilitated 

Small-sided soccer with an emphasis on play.  Each week our staff will separate the players onto different teams, make substitutions and supervise play (see our Instructional classes for a more teaching / skill building environment).  Scheduled for 45 minute program.  Only independent player sign up.

Under 7/8 mixed  (through 2nd grade)                         - Coach facilitated and officiated 

(4 v 4 + goalies) Small-sided soccer is essential for enjoyment at a young age. Players are more involved with increased scoring opportunities. Small-sided games also result in lower team fees.       4 x 10 min game in a 1 hour time slot. Suggested roster size: 10 players

Under 9/10 mixed or girls (through 4th grade)

(4 v 4 + goalies) Same field arrangement & benefits as the Under 7/U8 with longer games and officiated by Break Away staff. 2 x 25 min halves.  Suggested roster size: 10 players

Winter 1 ONLY

U11/12 mixed and girls; and U13/14 mixed and girls (teams through 8th grade)

These Leagues are 4 v 4 + GK.  Small group play.  Work on your skills and play - lots of ball touches.

       Great alternative to Futsal: read more

Balls are always in play (not chasing ball out-of-bounds); truer bounce and soccer feel; and not so hard on the body.

Under 11/12 mixed or girls (through 6th grade)          

(W2 & 3, 6 v 6 + goalies) This league is designed for the better under 11 teams looking to play on the large field in Winter 2 & 3 for broader idea implementation.  Suggested roster size: 12-13 players

Under 13/14 mixed or girls (through 8th grade)         

(W2 & 3, 5 v 5 + goalies) This age plays on our field in Winter 2 & 3 with less players than younger full field ages allowing space needed to perform more creative soccer and more realism than hard court play can provide.  Suggested roster size: 10-11 players