Playing the Game, Respecting the Game

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 Break Away offers additional competition for teams to enjoy soccer:


You don't need a whole outdoor team roster since this is small sided. 4 v 4. Soccer Action at it's finest.   Speed Counter-attacks.  No Goalies.  More scoring.  This single day tournament allows classmates to play together.  A special U7/ 8 event is festival style - multiple games, but no medals or trophies.

  • Youth tournaments are in accordance with the Jan 1 birth year guidelines as described by MAYSA and US Youth Soccer or as grade levels.

1st place individual awards.  3 game minimum.  Limited space.  (Roster size for awards is 6 players)  





Note: First prices listed are for teams registered and play at Break Away.  

Non-registered teams prices are $25 more.    

General Registration Information:

Complete the Registration Form and return it with the appropriate team or participant fee(s). All fees include tax. No confirmation calls will be made.

  1. Important: A $20 Late Fee if registering after registration deadline.
  2. Tournament or Scramble Fees are NON REFUNDABLE unless that age group is cancelled
  3. All participants, teams (and their players) as well as parents and guardians are required to follow the rules and policies of Break Away Sports Center, Inc. ALL ADULT PLAYERS OR YOUTH PARENTS MUST SIGN THE PLAYER CONSENT FORM FOR THE CURRENT SEASON IN ORDER FOR THE CHILD, OR ADULT PARTICIPANT TO PLAY.
  4. All soccer participants must wear proper shirt color to play, shin guards, indoor soccer shoes, turf shoes, gym shoes or cleated shoes (some restrictions apply) to participate.
  5. Break Away does not guarantee quality of play! Break Away is NOT responsible for games forfeited.
  6. Registrants are accepted on a first registration basis.
  7. A parent coach/manager MUST be present at ALL youth, and HS games.
  8. Each player must have proper birth date documentation to participate in a tournament.