Please review all the following information, then click on appropriate printable registration form.

  1. Complete the Registration Form and return it with the appropriate team or participant fee(s). All fees include tax. No confirmation calls will be made.
  2. No refunds for teams or individuals 2 weeks before the start session dates indicated.
  3. A minimum of $400 deposit/session is required to register any team for Spring, Winter or Fall league play. This $400 is non-refundable and is applied to the total team fee. This deposit does NOT qualify the team for any specials or discounts. All summer fees must be paid in full at time of registration.
  4. All team fees must be paid in full by 1st game. Teams registering with partial payment ($400) must complete all credit card information. Remaining team fees will be automatically charged to the credit card after the first game.
  5. Registrants are accepted on a first registration basis. Each activity or program has limited space! Acceptance into one session or program does not reserve or guarantee placement into additional sessions or programs. We recommend teams or individuals secure placement by completing additional registration form and paying associated session fees for the desired program as early as possible.
  6. Important! Teams registering after the regular fee date are subject to a $50 Late Registration Charge.
  7. Important! Independent player: A $10 Late Fee if registering after Early bird deadline for any session.
  8. An independent player withdrawing from a session requires a $30 processing charge.
  9. All participants, teams (and their players) as well as parents and guardians are required to follow the rules and policies of Break Away Sports Center, Inc. All Adult players or Youth parents must sign player consent form in order to participate.
  10. All soccer participants must wear proper shirt color, shin guards, soccer shoes or gym shoes (some restrictions apply) to participate.
  11. All league cancellations due to weather/snow or any other uncontrollable event may require make up at the end of the Winter 3 schedule and may require an alternative day. Any such cancellation/postponement will not be credited or refunded.
  12. Team manager may pick up a team packet and the rules at Break Away office.
  13. Schedules are subject to change. League alignments may vary from session to session in an attempt to balance leagues. Days & times may vary from session to session.
  14. Many variables go into aligning divisions. Your skill level information, although important, does not guarantee the division that your team is placed into. Every effort will be made to equalize competition levels within the division of the league. However, Break Away does not guarantee quality of play! Break Away is NOT responsible for games forfeited. Break Away reserves the right to require a team to submit a deposit of GOOD FAITH. This deposit will be surrendered in the event that the team does not show up for a game. If the team shows up for all games, the Good Faith deposit will be refunded in full.
  15. Teams forfeiting games may be removed from remaining schedule without refund.
  16. A parent coach/manager MUST be present at ALL youth, and HS games.
  17. Break Away will make every reasonable effort to re-schedule games, however, Break Away shall not be responsible for refunding or crediting games that were postponed due to an event that could not have been anticipated or controlled. These events include, but are not limited to, natural disasters, viruses, floods, or other "Acts of God".

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