Current League Schedules

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Click for viewing or to print schedule. These are all pdf links to printable schedules. 

In general the next session's schedules will be posted during the first week of the session. Team Managers will be notified of first game 1 week prior to the start of the League

Current League Schedules

Youth High School Adult Indoor Soccer
U-6/7   Winter 3
 U15/16 Boys   Winter  3

Adult Coed Social  Winter 3 (v. 2/8)

U-7/8  Winter 3
U-17/18 Boys   Winter  3

Men's Rec            Winter 3


U-9/10 Winter 3

Men's Over 40      Winter 3

U-10/11 Winter 3



Mixed Over 50      Winter 3

U-11/12 Winter 3


U13/14 Winter  3

High School Girls      Winter  3


Women's Over 30     Winter 3



U-9/10  Girls Winter 3



U-11/12 Girls Winter 3

 HS Coed    Winter  3 


U-13/14 Girls  Winter 3

  League schedules will be available online the first week of each session