4V4 Small Sided Indoor Soccer - Futsal Hybrid for Winter 1 

This NEW HYBRID LEAGUE is only offered during Winter 1.

We are introducing a NEW HYBRID Futsal and Indoor Soccer League. It is a small sided, 4 v 4 + goalies League like futsal but has all the additional benefits of playing indoor soccer with walls and artificial turf.

For the U10/U11, U11/U12, And U13/U14.

EVERYTHING that a team/player should be looking for early in the Winter season.

While we always believe indoor soccer on turf is always a better alternative to hard court futsal, our small sided league is even a better scenario to play in the Winter 1 session.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Easier To Create A Team: Winter 1 is sometimes difficult to get players together for full sided indoor teams. Break Away’ 4v4 +goalies or our Break Away Hybrid indoor soccer - Futsal approach for Winter 1 only needs 6 to 8 players to make a team making it easier to play.
  • Improvement in Speed of Play Development in Our 4v4 (+goalies). With our realistic surface area and playing with less players in Break Away small sided leagues, players can improve their footspeed and speed of decisions under more realistic conditions than a hard surfaces can provide.
  • More Development in The Break Away 4v4 (+goalies) Hybrid League. Playing on a hard surface does not make you a better player. It DOES make harder impacts on your joints and bones. There are many ways to train speed and reaction times, but playing soccer on a hard surface is highly inefficient and unrealistic. To improve soccer skills and foot speed, a player needs to practice with a ball, with lots of touches - ideally on a more realistic surface to improve individual player skills - not just speeding up the ball. Break Away has a better, more realistic surface - State of the Art FieldTurf and infill. Break Away 4v4 Hybrid provides the correct ball - to foot - to surface environment to optimize player development.
  • Scoring The surface, the Hybrid 4v4 (+goalies) program, the counter attack opportunities all contribute to more scoring chances. Who doesn’t like that!
  • MORE Actually Playtime! It stand to reason, the more the ball is in play the greater chance there is for development. At Break Away with walls surrounding the field, the ball will stay IN PLAY MORE OFTEN resulting in MORE ACTUAL PLAY than in hard court Futsal! A recent review indicates between 25-40% of the futsal game is actually chasing after the ball off the court, under bleaches and across other courts.
  • More Safety for Players and Spectators In the Break Away Hybrid League: At Break Away, players do not risk potential injury by running into bleachers or spectators just off the field as with the dangers of playing on open, slippery, gym floors. At Break Away, spectators are up close but in bleachers separated from actual play. Unlike on hard, gym courts, Break Away players and spectators are in a safer environment for playing, watching and developing skills.


Clubs can benefit by helping get small groups of players (6-8) together and form a teams.  

For every 3 teams in a particular age group to form a league, the Club will get 1 FREE hour of weekly practice time through December (some restrictions apply). A Value of over $600 for the week weekly training opportunity for the club





It all adds up:  Break Away is the best choice for late Fall / Early Winter Soccer